HHL Alumni Enjoyed Their Homecoming Weekend

Let's party - Dinner at Club International

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It has been a long-standing tradition for the annual HHL Alumni Homecoming to take place in Leipzig on the second weekend of September. This year, 150 participants enjoyed a rich program filled with lots of content which had already started by Friday. In the early afternoon of September 7, 2018, HHL’s doors opened for a tour of the campus. Surprised by the changes and construction projects there, the graduates had the opportunity to marvel at the new facilities of the Academic House. Almost all HHL chairs have relocated there by now, just like the class and group work rooms.

Campus tour and get together in Barfusz

Afterwards, the participants had the chance obtain fresh impetus from two workshops. Two HHL graduates, Rafael Schoen and Jerome Schneider (both P9), moderated the “Cognitive Diversity” and “Resilience in Leadership” classes one after the other, with lots of practical relevance and interaction. The participants ended the first night of the homecoming event with drinks at a reception in Barfusz.

Academic afternoon and festive dinner

Let’s discuss with Stephan Stubner in SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator

Following the official general assembly of the Alumni Association, the Academic Afternoon took place at SpinLab in the afternoon. HHL Dean Professor Stephan Stubner offered a look back at the events of the past year at HHL and then went on to moderate a panel discussion. He asked the panelists, Dr. Alexander Kaulfersch (K22), Alexander Lägel (K21) and Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker, Scientific Managing Director at the Institute for Information, Health and Medical at the University of Bremen, whether individuals still had any privacy with today’s technologies or if it had become an illusion as almost everyone discloses their data on the world wide web in different ways. This question prompted an interesting discussion with the panelists and the audience.

Sunday brunch and goodbye till next year

As a grand finale of the day, the participants enjoyed a dinner at Club International. The evening presented a wonderful opportunity for the jubilee classes, those who graduated from HHL 5, 10 or 15 years ago, to meet again and talk about the good old times as well as the present. The HHL Community partied until the wee hours of the morning and those who could met for Sunday brunch at Sol y Mar under sunny skies.

“A fantastic event and great mix of HHL alumni from different classes and programs. It is wonderful to see that our graduates feel connected to their alma mater and love coming back to their HHL in Leipzig,”

says HHL Alumni Relations Manager Angela Ditter.

Alumni Association (l2r): Dirk Schuran (1. Vorsitzender des Vorstandes, President), Leif Lewinski (erweiterter Vorstand, Member oft he extended board), Dr. Christian Post (Vice President), Claudia Haase (erweiterter Vorstand, Member of the extended board), Jérôme Schneider (erweiterter Vorstand, Member of the extended board), Raphael Werner (Vice President)

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Photos by Iona Dutz – (c) HHL