A True HHL Community Experience

Research Colloquium of Strategic Management Scholars

The dean invited and on July 5 and 6, 2018, more than 25 doctoral candidates met to discuss their current research projects in the fields of strategic management, corporate and digital entrepreneurship, top management teams and family businesses. The research colloquium of strategic management scholars is a long year tradition and always a great event. Together with their doctoral candidates, Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg (FAU Nuremberg), Prof. Dr. Andreas Koenig (University of Passau), Prof. Dr. Albrecht Enders (IMD Lausanne), Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf (University of Marburg) and Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner of HHL congressed in Leipzig for two days. Hosted by the Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business at HHL, the scholars enjoyed intense academic discussions as well as the get together and networking within the HHL research community.

Proof of a strong research community

All professors of this network have an HHL background: besides the dean Prof. Stephan Stubner, Prof. Hungenberg and Prof. Wulf as former chairholders, Prof. Enders as former diploma and Ph.D. student and Prof. Koenig as former MBA student at HHL.
Stephan Stubner, Dean of HHL says:

“Our colloquium is not only a fantastic forum for exchange within the research community but also a sign for the valuable and lifelong connections among HHL alumni. This biannual research colloquium is one great example for the strong research community of HHL.”

The value for the next generation of researchers is outstanding. Thomas Dorsch, HHL alumnus and current doctoral candidate at the University of Marburg, points out:

“It was worthwhile presenting our current hypotheses in this community. We got a lot of valuable feedback. The exchange with fellow students and professors helped to get new ideas and can potentially trigger collaborations across universities.”

After the first day of research discussions the participants came together for a rooftop dinner party enjoying the view on Leipzig’s famous Thomaskirche and networking before continuing with research discussions on the second day.

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