„HHL helped me to get the position I really wanted”

Gramatke Ying Shi

The Chinese Ying Shi Gramatke is working as Product Manager for NXP, which is a leading semiconductor company founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. At the German branch of the company in Hamburg, Shi Gramatke is one of the product managers at the marketing department. She is responsible for the product portfolio management with around three hundred products. Mrs. Shi Gramatke represents the interface between different departments within the matrix organization, e.g. the research development department, the logistics department, and the account teams.

Mrs. Shi Gramatke has an academic as well as professional background in electrical engineering. She says: “My Master thesis at HHL titled ‘Value added service strategies in global markets – an analysis based on the telecommunications industry’ and the career service of the Leipzig business school has helped me to get this wonderful position at NXP Semi Conductors. Needless to say, the industry such as the semi conductor branch needs engineers with professional working experience in technical areas. Additionally, the business and marketing knowledge is also one of the must have factors for a successful engineer.”
The MBA graduate adds: “I have chosen HHL’s Master program exactly for this kind of position. I think that it is the right match for me.”

The Master Program in General Management (MBA, full-time or part-time) at HHL

The full-time or part-time MBA programs offered by HHL are among the best independently developed programs of their kind in Germany. The proportion of international students in this HHL program is approximately 70 percent, an outstanding figure in the global comparison of full-time MBA programs. Since its introduction in the year 2000, the 12 to 18-month full-time MBA program has focused on teaching management and leadership skills in a global context. This is supported by an innovative curriculum which is no longer structured in a purely functional manner but also follows an interdisciplinary approach in accordance with the challenges of management (Managing Investors, Managing Society, Managing Customers etc.). The cross-functional, stakeholder-oriented approach combines the content of the individual courses and offers students significant added value. This is ensured by 28 lecturers from seven countries. They provide students with an insight into the latest scientific management approaches in a global context.

The practical relation is ensured by teaching content with practical relevance including case studies, a field project accompanying the program or an optional internship abroad. International Management is not only taught but also integral to everyday life at HHL thanks to the international background of the students and professors. The international cross-linking of the program is represented by extensive cooperation with universities abroad. From Australia to Uruguay – HHL has more than 110 partner universities worldwide. The students have the opportunity to spend one term at one of these partner universities. The intensive and professional counseling for students from the initial contact to the alumni network must be emphasized. A Career Service accompanies students from the day they are admitted to the program until the successful conclusion of a job application. Further information: www.hhl.de/mba or www.hhl.de/part-time-mba