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HHL alumna Bettina Heilemann: “HHL prepared me very well when it comes to speed, complex problem solving, and structured thinking”

Bettina Heilemann completed her Master in Management in 2015 and started with McKinsey where she is a consultant in McKinsey’s Business Technology Office. Bettina is pleased to give some insights into her daily work and what she took from her time at HHL that helps her with regards to top performance as consultant for one of the top strategy consultancies worldwide.


“While studying at HHL in part-time I applied for McKinsey because I wanted to learn all necessary consulting skills and I wanted to work across industries and functions. HHL prepared me very well when it comes to McKinsey’s speed, complex problem solving and structured thinking. For me the biggest challenge in my job is to balance my professional and personal life.

From my time at HHL, I will keep my fellow students and long nights in Leipzig in very good memory. When I decided to apply at HHL 4 years ago, I wanted to do my Master at a very good university in Germany. During the interview day the familiar atmosphere at HHL stood out for me, as well as the great organization of the whole application process. Therefore, I see the decision for HHL as a very good one for me personally and professionally. I also benefitted a lot from HHL’s international partnerships across the world, which allowed me to spend an amazing semester in Japan.

Today as alumna I try to bring my experiences at McKinsey to Master classes at HHL, e.g., through specialist lectures. Beyond that I attend alumni meetings in Hamburg on a regular basis and I visit the Ivy League (in the audience). Next year I also plan on attending one of HHL’s many conferences to meet some former professors and fellow students.”

HHL alumna Bettina Heilemann

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