With a degree from HHL into the board of an international fashion brand

Dr. Marc Schumacher

Dr. Marcus Schumacher is featured in the first HHL alumni film. The 36-year old completed the Part-time MBA Program at HHL. Mentored by marketing professor Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg, he obtained a doctorate in direct communication in the fashion industry with customers aged 50 and older immediately after graduating. Following his studies at HHL, Dr. Marc Schumacher continued to develop professionally. Following his position as Director of Marketing and Communications at the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger, the HHL alumnus managed to score a position on the board of an international listed fashion group. In summer 2011, he became Chief Retail Officer at TOM TAILOR Group, which ranks among the top 10 fashion companies in Germany. Dr. Schumacher’s latest accomplishment in collaboration with the SVI-Endowed Chair of Marketing, esp. E-Commerce and Cross-Media Management at HHL is think tank centered on the topic of trade.

In the HHL alumni film, Dr. March Schumacher says, “There are only about five to ten good business schools in Europe where you can do an MBA. HHL is definitely one of them.” He stresses the international faculty with high practical relevance. Dr Schumacher greatly benefited from his studies at HHL with the case-based teaching methods and the international studying environment. He concludes, “For me, HHL’s Part-time MBA Program ranks among the best in Germany.”

Above-average commitment: HHL’s alumni

HHL’s over 1,500 alumni are organized in the HHL Alumni Association e.V. and members of regional and international HHL Alumni Chapters. Graduates now work in the fields of consulting, finance/banking, industry, e-commerce and as entrepreneurs. A great number of HHL alumni still feel a bond with their alma mater long after their time at the school. They contribute to the university’s content as guest speakers at enrollment ceremonies or keynote speakers and panelists at HHL conferences. Julia Höffner, who is in charge of Alumni Relations (capitalize?) at HHL, emphasizes, “The relations between the HHL graduates and their university go way beyond the level of content and ideals. For example, a large number of alumni, among them successful entrepreneurs, supported our innovative HHLNewCampus crowdfunding campaign with great dedication. Thanks to the HHL alumni, we were able to raise over EUR 200,000 for the renovation of study rooms in our new annex building.” www.hhl.de/alumni

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