Why to study in Germany so far away from home

written by Adrián Fallas (HHL MBA student)

A lot of friends asked me, why I wanted to leave the security of my job, my friends, family, and other commodities I had back home, in order to start again a new adventure without a secure outcome, and also to leave the workforce to become a student again. I am pretty much sure, if you’re reading this, are questions that are going through your head right now.

One of the main reasons, that drove myself out of my country to begin a new adventure, was actually one of the things that inspire me the most: leave the comfort zone and travel. I truly believe a leader should not be afraid of being vulnerable. Being aware of our potential and I do not hesitate to invest time and effort where needed; this is why I am pursuing this MBA: to strengthen my weaknesses and overcome the gap from having a dream to actually living it. At the end, the only constant in our life, is the process of change.

Coming to Germany, around 9,500 kms aways from home, and 16 hours by plane from what I will always call home, is pretty difficult. But I wanted to make a change, fullfill a dream and be exposed to so many new cultures and experiences, that I know if I were in Costa Rica, would not not have the possibility to come across. I’ve met already people from India, China, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, Ukraine. Great professionals that I would not find next to me in my country. This kind of exposure will lead, surely, to a great sense of globalization, mind openness and experience, that no other program in the world will give you. Sometimes, money is overrated. Remember that money can always be recovered, but time will never came back. And at the moment, I am making every second to count. 

So yes, I would recommend everyone who is going through this questions, if you want to experience change and truly grow inside out, to embrace a new trip in your life. You’ll never know where it will lead, but I can assure you, it will be worth the effort.”

About the Author

Lis Schulz
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