Why Leipzig is a trend city to live in

Written by Jefferson Stephan Montes Maldonado (Colombia), full-time MBA student

If you come to study at HHL you should also know that Leipzig or “Hypezig”, as some call it, has enough to offer you. I will not lie to you, studying at HHL is quite demanding but after studying for exams or have an endless group work there is always time to enjoy all that Leipzig has to offer you. So, let me tell you why Leipzig is the place to live and is getting trendy in the last years.

Leipzig is really a vivid place to live and has it all, but let me start with the biggest benefit of all… It is bloody cheap. Yes, Leipzig if is not the most then one of the cheapest cities to live in Germany and with a large student population there will always be new people to meet and new places to discover.

Do you like music? Leipzig is the place. In old-town you can find all kinds of musical styles in its streets, if you want to rock, punk or hip hop you can go to Connewitz, if you are more into the hipster style, alternative or indie you can visit the Bars in Plagwitz, some party and electronic music sure why not go to Sudvorstadt, or Latin music in downtown and in summer you can always go to the open airs around the city.    

Are you more into nature? You are lucky then, HHL is just next to the biggest park in Leipzig, take your bike or go for a walk in your free time, go and lose yourself in the woods, have a BBQ with your friends, play some German games in the park – you will learn about it when you come here. Or do my favorite activity in summer: Go to one of the many lakes around Leipzig there are plenty of activities to do around and you can chill there after a hard week.

As you see you will be in a pretty good city and couple hours by train or bus from many other interesting places as Berlin, Prague, Wroclaw, Dresden. So, get yourself ready and come to enjoy what Leipzig and HHL have to offer to you.


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