Where Junior Executives Continue Their Education While Remaining on the Job

Start of the Part-Time Master in Management Program (M.Sc.) at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

This week, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management welcomes 41 new participants to its academic Part-Time Master in Management Program (M.Sc.). Junior executives from companies such as IBM, Deutsche Bahn, Porsche, BASF, KPMG, Lufthansa, Siemens and Bayer will start their two-year part-time Master’s program. They can attend the weekend classes either in Cologne or in Leipzig whereas the two residential weeks per year take place in Leipzig. This allows the students to benefit from the close connections within the HHL community in Leipzig while simultaneously reducing the amount of travel.

Bachelor’s degree – and then what?

Young professionals with a Bachelor’s degree are often spoilt for choice – furthering their academic education, obtaining more work experience or maybe setting out for a sojourn abroad in Australia? They would love to do it all but often it is not that easy to juggle everything.

According to Felix Kneiding, 23, HHL’s part-time Master’s program is the solution here. “I can continue to work full-time while completing a Master’s degree and I have the opportunity to study abroad for one term at one HHL’s numerous partner universities towards the end of my studies. This is not so commonly possible in other Master’s programs,” says Kneiding who works as a Project Coordinator for Asset Management & Maintenance at DB Cargo AG in Paris and is actively supported in his studies by his employer.


HHL’s part-time M.Sc. program stands out with its international, practically oriented curriculum and the reconcilability of working and studying

His classmate Emily Heinking, 23, had initially decided to work on a full time basis after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in order to gain more work experience. When choosing a Master’s program, the controller from Bayer Pharma AG took various categories into consideration. She comments, “Just like with my Bachelor’s program, the international orientation and the reconcilability of working and studying were important to me. I also wanted to make sure that I would receive a well-founded theoretical education with a strong practical relation which is tailored to the challenges in the field of management.”

Gloria Metzler, controller at Lufthansa AG, emphasizes the part-time M.Sc. program’s “curriculum which is perfectly suited to meet the needs of working people.” Says the 26-year-old student from Mainz, “With all basic requirements such as program content and timetable being fulfilled, I made the final decision to apply at HHL after the warm welcome to the well-organized Information Day on the Leipzig campus.”

Variety of industries and network

Moritz Cortemme, 23, was already familiar with the combination of working and studying following his integrated Bachelor’s program. “The highly international and practical orientation in the part-time M.Sc. program as well as HHL’s outstanding network were the deciding factors for me to apply at Germany’s first business school,” says the 23-year-old who works as a branch manager at Sparkasse Lüneburg. Cortemme, who was born in Soltau, was also attracted by the heterogeneous nature of the class which arises from cultural diversity as well as a variety of industries represented by the students.

Talking about the expectations for the two-year part-time M.Sc. program, Gloria Metzler hits the nail on the head, saying, “I want a Master’s education with many interesting lectures, personal development, fun and joy of learning and a class that sees itself as a team.”

From team-building events, a test on personal competency development to a Communications class – during the introductory week at HHL, the new part-time M.Sc. students had the opportunity to get to know each other and the school. Over the next couple of weeks, the junior executives will attend classes on Entrepreneurship and Finance.


kneiding_felix“HHL is one of the first addresses for management training in Europe. Therefore, I am all the happier to be able to study here myself now.”

Felix Kneiding (Personal Assistant to CTO, DB Cargo AG)






heineking_emily“Because HHL’s program is so broad, I am looking forward to learning new things; also in fields that are not as closely connected to my current professional environment.”

Emily Heineking (R&D Controller, Bayer Pharma AG)





metzler_gloria“It is rather easy to maintain a balance between work, university and free time thanks to the schedule which includes only one residential weekend per month; therefore, I am independent in my learning, preparation and follow-up work.”

Gloria Metzler (Controlling Advisor, Lufthansa AG)





kortemme_moritz“They say that you only get to leave one good first impression. And HHL did more than just that.”

Moritz Cortemme (Branche Manager, Sparkasse Lüneburg)




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