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reszel_julia„I chose HHL in order to combine academic excellence with hands on practical experience and to meet many inspiring people during my studies. So far I really enjoy the strong community sense and entrepreneurial spirit that is visible throughout the entire HHL family. Furthermore Leipzig is an exciting and vibrant city. You can feel the dynamic everywhere and living here perfectly ads up to my HHL experience.“

Julia Reszel (23, Germany), HHL full-time M.Sc. student



li_bingxi“My name is Bingxi Li. I am 22 years old and from China. I got my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  I chose HHL because of its high reputation in the business field and the good career service provided here. I was also attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit on campus. In addition, I really like the European lifestyle and culture so I would like to experience more during my Master’s study here. The thing I like most about HHL is that the school is of such a small size, so everyone get a chance to know each other. And no matter what problems we have, we can always get help immediately from staff here or our classmates. It makes me feel in family. Leipzig is such a nice city, almost green everywhere and a lot of cultural and artistic events.  Life is a little hard at first without good German speaking, but I got a lot of help from friendly Leipzigers. I believe there would be more good time in the future!” 

Bingxi Li (22, China), HHL full-time M.Sc. student



gabay_ron“I chose HHL because I believe it can provide me the knowledge and tools to achieve my personal and professional goals of working in an international environment and leading  innovative projects. The thing that I liked the most about HHL so far is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Being able to learn about different cultures from a personal as well as a business perspective is fascinating. I love Leipzig! I’ve only discovered parts of the city so far but I’m looking forward to exploring all it has to offer… “

Ron Gabay (27, Israel, Switzerland, Canada), HHL full-time MBA student



gagu_andreea_silvana“I wanted to study in a top university, so I saw that HHL had a good position in international rankings. In addition, friends who have also studied in Germany recommended me to come here. What, so far, do you like most about HHL?: The strong relation between the job market and the studies. For me is so important to do case studies, see that what I learn is implemented also on the job market. How do you like Leipzig so far?: First thing that comes into my mind is that I enjoy seeing so many people using bicycles, it’s a lifestyle here.”

Andreea-Silvana Gagu (22, Romania), HHL Exchange student


Robert Peiffer“My name is Robert Peiffer. I am 25 years old and am a citizen of the USA. I studied my Bachelors at Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania, as well as for one year at Philipps Universität Marburg for two semesters abroad. I decided to choose HHL as my new university for several reasons. Firstly, the program offered AACSB accreditation, which I know will be important for finding employment in the USA. Secondly, the affordable program offered very close attention and small classes. It seemed to have the right level of attention to ease my worries about studying in a foreign country. The mandatory study abroad and close alumni network were also very attractive for I have enjoyed the orientation at HHL as well as the close attention we have received throughout the whole application process. Leipzig, as I had read online, is a beautiful city with many rivers and parks. In truth, it doesn’t feel as though I’m in a city at all. I can walk down any street and feel safe. Although my program is just beginning now, I have the feeling that I will learn very much in my two years at HHL and that it will put me on the right path for a successful career.”

Robert Peiffer (25, USA), HHL full-time M.Sc. student


costa_cristina“My name is Taís da Costa and I am 32 years old. I come from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I obtained a Bachelor in Economics at IBMEC Business School in my home town. I chose HHL mostly because of the international diversity of the class and the flexibility of the MBA program. So far, HHL has exceeded my expectations. I am very surprised by how smooth the processes run and by how supportive the University is for international students. Living in Leipzig has been a very pleasant experience as well, because the city is very welcoming. The warmth of HHL’s staff and students is also shared by the city’s inhabitants.”

Taís das Costa (32, Brazil), HHL full-time MBA student

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