What does Diversity mean

Written by Sandeep Patil

“It’s our first class in M17 (MBA batch of September 2016), and the subject is “Cultural Diversity”.

sandeepAs I set foot in and settle down, I look around to see my future classmates. And I start guessing country of my classmates. Then the professor initiates an introductory session and I start hearing “…and I am from” India, China, Germany, USA, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Colombia… And I start to contemplate, this is Diversity. WOW!!!

Is this pure fortune, that students from such diverse countries are going to study and share their views? No, its not. HHL took effort to bring in students from different countries together. The diversity is a beneficial bacterium which helps to bring in the vibrancy and people of different culture together. The different culture helps to enrich the class with thoughts from all over the world. We learn from one another, but also have a level of understanding about each other to facilitate collaboration and co-operation. Also, we question our belief and understand how own culture influences the way we see world. We learn to accept and respect.

But did the diversity was only meant only being from different country? No, there was one more aspect: our background. We have graduates from Arts, Communication Sciences, Engineering, Media Mgmt., Business, Economics, Music, Logistics, Film & TV literature, Finance, Commerce, History and Literature. Again, HHL admission committee tried to bring the representatives from different fields of education. This helps to drive discussion which always results in being holistic and complete in every aspect. We bring our points to the table and try to compare the ideas for the same topic from different fields of study. Although an Engineer may totally disagree with a Media Management student, initially in the class, but this helps us to represent the fact with complete reasoning and persuade to understand logic. Thus, enriching and teaching everyone to look at a topic from different aspects and modules of business.

Two months has passed since, I started my journey of MBA at HHL. The diversity in class has helped me to realize ways to excel in various aspects of my knowledge. I have started to realize the power of diversity in the class and how it helps me to be a complete business professional. And I always remember a line by Gandhi –I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stifled. I want all the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.-“

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