Welcome to HHL

On Monday (March 20, 2017), 87 new students of the full-time Master of Science in Management and part-time MBA program, the executive MBA program and the PhD program began their studies at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

55 nationalities are now registered at HHL across all study programs. Many exchange students were also welcomed on the HHL campus. The keynote address during the matriculation ceremony was given by former head of the Saxon State Registry office and current Bundesbank Executive Board member Dr. Johannes Beermann. The new HHL International Advisory Council was also appointed during the matriculation ceremony. The welcome speech was given by Prof. Dr. Mariëlle Heijltjes, Associate Dean of the Dutch Maastricht University.

Dean Dr. Andreas Pinkwart said the following in his welcoming speech for the new HHL students: “You have made the right choice, you are studying at an excellent institution, which for the third time in a row has been awarded as one of the best entrepreneurial universities in Germany. However, its international character is also distinctive for HHL. Not only in the current climate of political upheaval, HHL, as a 1898-founded, and thus one of the world’s oldest business schools, is an important place for the education and training of intercultural qualifications and the bringing together of people. I am very pleased that we are now able to expand our global network in the context of our internationalization and future strategy innovate125 with the appointment of the members of the new international advisory board.”

The diversity of the new international body, with eleven members from ten different countries and a very high ratio of female members, is also reflected in HHL’s programs. Prof. Pinkwart: “Our full-time Master of Science Management program (M.Sc.) as well as our part-time MBA program enjoy a strong demand from international applicants. Also striking is the near doubling of female enrollment in our part-time MBA program.

In his speech, Bundesbank board member Dr. Karl Johannes Beerman discussed the current economic debate. He said, “Protectionism is not the right answer. A better solution would be to enable all citizens to benefit from globalisation. Through better schools and universities, and by facilitating lifelong learning, we can increase the population’s level of education and help people respond faster and better to new circumstances.”

Prof. Dr. Mariëlle Heijltjes, Associate Dean at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, highlighted HHL as a place of learning and intercultural dialog. Speaking to the new students, Prof. Heijltjes said: “Many things that you have taken for granted over the years will be questioned at HHL during you studies”. For this learning experience, the Dutch scientist wished the new HHL students the greatest possible openness and curiosity.

The start of HHL studies with ethical topics

This week, a focus on business and corporate ethics will be on the schedule for the new HHL students. This time, the focus is on “ethical orientations for companies in turbulent times”. For this, the new students develop their own opinions and present them. The events takes place at the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and is chaired by the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair for Economic and Business Ethics at HHL.