Want to work with Venture Capital?

Written by Shawn Segundo (online marketing & event manager at the SpinLab)


The SpinLab – the HHL Accelerator has heard one question come up over and over again, especially since Leipzig is such a great student city, and because of their close ties to the HHL, but many people in the student generation really want to know the answer to the question:

”How can I get involved in working with Venture Capital?

Lucky for you, SpinLab has taken a lot of the work out of the process for you!

Working in the German Venture Capital Scene has a pattern that needs to be followed

SpinLab conducted a massive study within its network to figure out what current VC professionals in German funds have done in their time as students to get to the positions they hold today. In total, they evaluated over 700 varying profiles in different specialties within the German VC industry. The SpinLab team wanted to figure out what they studied, where they studied, what they specialized in, and prepare all of that information in a nice easy to read infographic for all of you.


» For more infomation please check the SpinLab website



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Lis Schulz
Online Marketing Manager at HHL