Visit From our Sister University St. Gallen

Dr. Andreas Löhmer, Director of Corporate Programs at the University of St. Gallen, visited Leipzig and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management for the first time. Both universities are rich in tradition and have long been associated with one another in their field of research for many years. Now they want to explore together new ways in the fields of executive and continuing education. For this purpose, Dr. Löhmer met with Jana Näther, Director of Executive Education at HHL and Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt. In his position as Academic Director, the holder of HHL’s Dr. Arend Oetker Chair of Business Psychology and Leadership, he is also responsible for the executive program concepts for senior management professionals of all generations.

“There is a long tradition of collaboration between the two business schools in Leipzig and St. Gallen since they were established in 1898, in which the joint ideas, course content, and corporate contacts have grown dynamically,” says Prof. Dr. Meynhardt speaking from his own experience. One example of the scientific and strategic connection between the two leading European institutions has been the Public Value Atlas, which assesses the contribution of companies and organizations to public welfare in a representative manner. The transnational project involves a joint team of Swiss and German researchers. HHL’s Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt heads the respective studies at the Center for Leadership and Values in Society (CLVS) at the University of St. Gallen.

A particularly interesting fact: The first experiences with the new Leipzig Leadership Model (LLM) at HHL has led to new perspectives on current challenges. LLM together with the St. Gallen Management Model could complement each other. “This is where a special potential for the initial and continuing training of executives unfolds,” assumes Dr. Andreas Löhmer. He continues, “The LLM will strengthen the collaboration between the University of St. Gallen and HHL, while allowing for the establishment of new complementary offers.” The next planning meeting is already in preparation.

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