“I Support Companies in Times of Digital Transformation”

Digital Transformation

Being one of the organizers of the Start-up Tour Berlin hosted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Tobias Rappers’ picture is on the flyers announcing the event. The 28-year-old graduate of the full-time M.Sc. program of  HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management works as a Senior Consultant at the so-called Competence Center Digital of the renowned consulting firm. At the end of March, he will talk to students from all over Germany providing insight into his life as a consultant within the context of human resource marketing for Roland Berger. His position requires him to bridge the gap between the world of start-ups, consulting and industry. Rappers, who was born in Dinslaken, says, “As part of our consulting projects, we support companies in finding tailored answers to their questions regarding digitalization – from trend scouting to business model generation. For this purpose, I always have to be in tune with the times, recognizing trends and understanding new business models. My work focuses on the exchange with start-up business and other stakeholders of digitalization. I find it exciting to work with our customers on developing solutions that suit their digital challenges and then to implement them within the organization.”

Looking back at his M.Sc. program, Tobias Rappers comments, “Studying at HHL prepared me for my demanding job in the best possible way.” While completing his Bachelor’s program, he also completed an internship with Roland Berger. He then decided to obtain a Master’s degree in business administration from the first business school in Germany because at the time, he was not sure yet whether he wanted to go into consulting or start his own business. “At HHL, I wanted to learn the trade of consulting while establishing a network of founders, investors and role models,” says Tobias Rappers. The excellent cooperation between Berger Strategy Consultants and HHL allowed him to keep in touch with his former employers while completing his Master’s program. Moreover, he was able to work on the first concepts of the recently launched SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator while studying at the Leipzig-based business school. With regard to his current job, Tobias Rappers says, “During my studies, I could not have foreseen that my present job would combine the advantages of consulting with the strong ties to the start-up scene. In this context, my time at HHL has paid off all the more.”

The Master Program in Management (M.Sc.) at HHL

The English-language Master in Management Program (M.Sc.) at HHL was ranked among the top of its kind in Germany according to the latest Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking. The program provides a basis for future management tasks and covers a wide variety of economic topics. Building on a Bachelor’s degree in economics, HHL attaches particular importance to teaching soft skills – courses such as Problem Solving & Communication, Negotiation or International Management Competencies represent an inherent part of the training.  The 21 to 24-month full-time program offers eight fields of specialization, i.e. Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Advanced Economics and Advanced General Management. By choosing four electives the students can set a topical focus on the career for which they are aspiring. In addition to a term abroad at one of over 110 universities partnered with HHL, the curriculum of the program also encompasses an internship. Excellent business contacts as well as a professional Career Service provide top career opportunities for the alumni. Students can enroll for this program in spring (March) or fall (September). www.hhl.de/msc