This was my December – Leipziger vs Dresdener Weihnachtsmarkt

student life in leipzig

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…..

The most beautiful time of the year, Christmas, is just around the corner. It is a perfect timing to explore two of German well-known Christmas market.



After an intense of the first three months of full-time MBA program at HHL, Christmas market is definitely a nice treat for my eyes, nose, ear, and of course belly. Huge Christmas tree with pretty decorations and lights, plenty of beautiful hand crafted gifts and souvenirs (candles, wooden crafts, knitted accessories, etc.), live music along the whole market from Peter Strasse to Grimmaische Strasse, smell of smoked sausage and other yummy food I just can’t tell which one is which food , and most importantly (very important) indulgence for tummy…

It is the first time for me to be in the “real” Christmas market in Germany, and indeed Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt is an excellent place to start with. The Leipziger Christmas market is open from 22nd of November until 24th of December in a centralized location in the city center. With three different styles of Christmas market from approximately in 7-8 spots of the city center, it is a lovely area to just stroll around the city centre.




When I wanted to explore other Christmas market aside from Leipzig, I just took a bus to Dresden which only used up an hour of travel. It was the perfect time to go in early December when the Christmas market was fully settled. I realize that Christmas market in Dresden is slightly bigger than Leipzig and they also have more selections of food, drinks, and souvenirs. Each of the shops are decorated differently that makes them very unique and astonishing to see. Best to see the top overview of the Christmas market is from Kreuzkirche, it was indeed the best way to close the day-trip.


Here are some of my “must try” list (after trying pretty much all of the food and drinks selection I could find in both market) when you visit Leipzig and Dresden Christmas market:
1. Glüwein (Mulled wine) – Oh yes, this just can’t be missed! First thing to have once you step in the entrance of the market.
2. Eierpunch – Punch made from eggs. It is a definitely a punch to your belly, stronger than Glüwein.
3. Bratwurst – Smoked sausage, who doesn’t like it? (except vegetarian) I just can’t get enough with this. It normally comes with small baguette or just normal German bread, although I prefer to substitue it with Pommes frites (french fries), and best to have both ketchup and mustard on top of it. But of course it depends on your own preference.
4. 1/2 meter Wurst – you can tell from the name, it is that long! The taste is slightly different from Bratwurst. But generally is an experience to have that long sausage that you barely find in other country.
5. Dresdener Handbrot – handmade bread with melting cheese as the filling and can choose either mushroom or ham to go with it. Super filling! And I can basically smell the food from 20 meters away of the shop. It is a typical Dresden food, however, can also be found in Leipzig.
6. Kräppelchen – small fried dough with powdered sugar topping. Ensure to find the shop that sell fresh made one, it taste so much better when it is still hot and warm… Yummyyyy….

I hope some of food & drinks recommendation helps for the newbie in the town during Christmas period. Looking forward for the next Christmas market and hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Happy New Year 2016!