There Was a Warm Smile Everywhere

Written by Hejing Tang (Peking University, Guanghua School of Management)

When I was climbing the stairs carrying a big suitcase, a teenage girl took the initiative and helped me out with my second suitcase. When I got lost in a street I didn’t know, a nice man directed me towards the right way and watched me leave in case I would miss the crossing. When I walked into HHL, there was a warm smile everywhere. I would have never imagined I could love Leipzig, the city I visited for the first time, in such a short time!

At first glance, HHL is different from my university in many ways. HHL is a university of great professors, fascinating lectures and a warmhearted community that treats everyone equal which allows us all to be free from the cares of worldly concerns, stature and wealth. Professor Zülch is rigorous and good at inspiring students. Franziska Heyde’s classes are always active and open. Professor Smolinski gave us a whole new view on negotiation.

The biggest surprise for me is that German students study just as hard as Chinese students. Opposite to their reserved appearance at times, most of my classmates are friendly, hearty and spirited. I like to explore and share new knowledge with them. Time flies and I hope I will have the opportunity to let more German people know about China, to make new friends, and to live an unforgettable exchange life.