The Paradise Tree

Written by Mariia Neschetna

THE PARADISE TREE is the result of a project started during the Business Plan Seminar at HHL Graduate School of Management. The project team consists of five members that perfectly support the team with a balanced set of strengths and abilities.

About the company THE PARADISE TREE

The name THE PARADISE TREE highlights our claim as well as shows what we believe in. The heart of our company is the development and the marketing of products with Simarouba as the core ingredient. It is our vision to re-establish the paradise tree with our products as a valuable ingredient, especially for cosmetics in Germany and Europe. Besides the guaranteed exotic element of our products, we treasure the usage of near-natural resources as well as their sustainable extraction. Thereby we aim to ensure, on the one hand, a good skin compatibility and a unique experience for our customers, while cooperating on a sustainable basis with our suppliers, on the other.

We are deeply convinced of the exceedingly positive characteristics of the paradise tree and are proud to build awareness for this wonderful plant with our pioneering presence within the European market.

Simarouba Glauca & THE PARADISE TREE

Simarouba glauca, also known as the paradise tree, is a tropical tree used by the local population in Central and South America as a medicinal plant for treating skin injuries, fever, and other illnesses. Although the Paradise Tree was already known in Europe in the 18th century in the production of medicines, its healing abilities were forgotten and Simarouba products were no longer to be found.

Scientific studies have confirmed the antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties of the tree and have also shown that Simarouba products have a positive effect on skin moisture and regeneration.

THE PARADISE TREE is the company we plan to launch the first product in our portfolio – PARADISE LOTION, a body lotion with Simarouba oil. The development of the lotion is already complete and we had a clearly positive feedback from our test users with our first prototype.

Funding Goals

Our last obstacle before starting to market the product is a certified product test of the PARADISE LOTION. The costs associated with it are a financial challenge to us and this is where we need your support. The goal is to close the financial gap of € 1,500 and once market approval is achieved, sales can begin.

Our goal is to obtain the market authorization for the PARADISE LOTION by September 2017 and begin selling online. We are firmly convinced with the power of the Simarouba oil and our product and believe in the successful launch of our new brand. After the certification of the body lotion, further products with ingredients from the Paradise Trees will follow. To this end, product development has already been launched.

“Within MSc14 Business Plan Seminar with Prof Velamuri this semester our team has developed a new product based on the exclusive simarouba oil of the paradise tree. It is the first product of this kind to use this oil in Germany and the EU market and we are confident that this has a great potential.

We are now at the Kickstarter funding stage to be able to make our first start with testing the product and offering it to the wide market in Germany – we would be very glad to receive any additional publicity from HHL to help us get closer to our goals.”

Mariia Neschetna, HHL full-time M.Sc. student