The HHL Alumni Lifecycle

Lifelong network of HHL’lers

What makes HHL so special in terms of its alumni relations is that we have currently over 2.000 alumni who are spread all over the world but all of them keep the strong bonds with their alma mater and show great interest in the development of the school, as well as its reputation.

Their involvement is amazing and a valuable contribution especially when it comes to recruitment of new excellent HHL candidates. Once you have started your studies as HHL’ler, you benefit from a great network which warmly welcomes you as an active member from the very first day. This fact ignited the idea to draw the HHL Alumni Lifecycle which we see as a key asset of our school and community.

It is not only the spirit but also the support HHL’lers provide other HHL’lers with when seeking a career step, company insights, exchange of business ideas or friendships for life. Please enjoy watching the HHL Alumni Lifecycle clip which is a pilot project that will be continued in the future!

ALUMNI LIFECYCLE \\\\ Lifelong network of HHL’lers YouTube play