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As one of the top ranked universities in Latin America ESAN University is an established partner of HHL since 2000 with an excellent a MBA program.

“This was exactly what I was looking for, a great destination paired with a wide range of courses where I could benefit from the practical insights from my fellow students while getting the fullest from intercultural exchange”, said Benita Moser (MSc14) who spends her term abroad in Lima, Peru. “Lima didn’t fall short of my expectations. It is a crazy jungle full of controversies, within a few kilometers you can find yourself between the greatest of wealth but also extreme poverty. It is simply fascinating to be living in a developing country which fights for progress and rights which are commonly taken for granted in Western Europe e.g. environmental protection and a regulated waste disposal. Peru as a country has so much to offer. You can experience all climate zones, from the jungle to the desert and the ocean to the highest mountains without having to cross a single border”.

Benita Moser (MSc14) at ESAN University in Lima, Peru



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