Term Abroad in the Part-time M.Sc. Program

Phillip Naujoks, part time M.Sc. student, passed his term abroad at the Imperial College in London.

“My term abroad has taken place in London from January until April 2017. London is a uniquely beautiful city and is alone a reason to choose Imperial College Business School as study abroad location.

However, the college itself is a very international, intercultural, and diverse place. Most impressive to me have been the talent, motivation, and entrepreneurial spirit of students leading to a unique culture which is for everyone worth to experience, regardless of background and origin. This, in combination with the close connection to adjacent faculties, such as its prestigious engineering or medical department, makes Imperial function as a business incubator linking interdisciplinary students who build up networks not only for private but also for professional life.

Due to my experiences, I can strongly recommend to all part-time students to do a study term abroad since I was able to enjoy the benefits of being a full-time student while broadening my professional horizon. Furthermore, it was pretty easy to incorporate the term abroad into the tough HHL study schedule, after an exam postponement and minor adjustments regarding my elective modules’ choices. All in all, even though it has partially also been an intense and challenging time, it was overall a very worthwhile experience I do not want to miss anymore.”

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