Successful Start of “New Leipzig Talents”

New Coaching Program for HHL Students: Successful Start of “New Leipzig Talents”

In  May  2017  the first  16  students from  the  New Leipzig Talents program received their certificates during  a  graduation ceremony. Students in this six-month program  work on a personalized development path which is  based on  an individual competency profile.  They determine  their personal  learning fields to  map out  questions relevant  to a coaching process:  Who am  I  as a  person and how am I perceived by others? How do I establish relationships of trust?  How do  I  act in a self-organized way and implement innovative solutions? Each student is supported by an experienced coach from our coaching pool including  e.g. a psychoanalyst, an advertising agency CEO or a monk. They meet several times during the program to exchange views both at HHL and at the workplace of the coach – which in case of coach Father Dr. Dr. Justinus Pech was his monastery.  The sessions are accompanied by various group workshops which focus on self-reflection or mindfulness. For the students, the first run of the program was an intense time full of insights.

M.Sc. student Peter Weis commented, “Especially after very stressful periods, you recognize that stepping back and evaluating the situation from a different perspective would have helped in order to come to the best possible result.  New  Leipzig  Talents  helped  me  particularly  to  work  on  this  skill: to step back,  come to a meta-level, evaluate the situation from another angle and decide what to do.”

The next edition will start in fall 2017 and there will be another opportunity to apply for the New Leipzig Talents program in fall. A special alumni network is being established simultaneously to promote an exchange between the participants even after the program has finished. New Leipzig Talents is a program by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in cooperation with  XING  AG  and  Dr.  Arend Oetker.

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