Studies: How Do I Structure Problems and Communicate Solutions?

Mariia Neschetna (left) and Corbinian Hilger (right)Mariia Neschetna (left) and Corbinian Hilger (right)

Insight into the training at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

“As a student you tend to dive into problem, which does not lead to a good solution, particularly for complex issues,” says Corbinian Hilger. Together with his classmates, the Master in Management student (M.Sc.) completed the Problem Solving and Communication class at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management last week. Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner, who holds the Chair of Strategic Management and Family Businesses at HHL, explains, “This class is designed to provide students with the competency for structured thinking and problem solving. After breaking down complex tasks as a first step, the students then develop an approach to the solution, which is based on hypotheses as well as recommendations. As the value of a good solution is usually based on successful communication and it is therefore important to ‘sell’ these recommendations, the class also covers the development of persuasive communication structures and story lines. Based on these story lines, the students also discuss how to prepare a professional presentation. We practice intensively the acquired knowledge through group work and presentations.”

During most of the class, the HHL students had to deal with a fictitious case, assuming the role of consultants. The scenario revolved around a fast food chain whose profitability continued to decrease. They were looking for a presentation which included a mid and long-term success strategy for the restaurant. “The class is very close to the practical world and represents an ideal connection between the professional knowledge we obtained completing our Bachelor’s programs and the new communication skills we quickly learned at HHL. Everything is covered – from the problem, which needs to be clearly mapped out, to the result,” says M.Sc. student Mariia Neschetna.

Prof. Dr. Stubner concludes, “The class has been taught at HHL – with constantly updated content – for over 20 years. Many of our graduates tell us that it was of major significance for their careers.”

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