Start-ups and large companies – a basis for fruitful cooperation?

“Cooperations between start-ups and large companies: hype or savior?” – referring to this question, Dr. Christian Comberg, post-doctoral researcher at CLIC (Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation), opened the 8th Innovation Factory Economy in Dresden on April 11 with a keynote speech.

The chances for cooperation with large companies have never been better for start-ups: with their disruptive approaches, they are currently turning entire industrial sectors upside down and gain more and more importance as a complementary innovation driver. As Christian explained in his keynote speech, cooperation can be advantageous for both parties – if a strategic fit exists. Start-ups should therefore precisely consider advantages and disadvantages when choosing a cooperation partner.

The 8th Innovation Factory Economy “David with Goliath – cooperating at eye level” thereby offered an excellent opportunity for start-ups and SMEs to find answers to their questions focusing on the cooperation with large companies.