Speaking German Opens Many Doors

Written by Taís da Costa (Brazil), current MBA student

Some people may say that “life is too short to learn German”. I disagree. My first trip to Germany sparked my interest in the language as well as in the German culture. At that time, I had no idea that I would be joining HHL in the future. From my experience so far, I can confidently say that speaking German opens many doors. It is the official language of 6 countries and it is widely spoken in Europe. Looking forward, I consider it to be strategic as well, as I expect a revival of the ties between Germany and Brazil.

If you are a language enthusiast like me, I am sure you will enjoy the ride. If you are not so keen on the endeavor, don’t worry. HHL supports its international students in all steps of the way. There is a wide selection of levels to choose from and we receive regular lessons on campus, fully integrated with our busy agendas and without additional costs. As part of HHL’s commitment to our professional success, we are also educated on the German business culture and learn how to address the differences.

I honestly believe that it is crucial to live in a country to learn its language and Leipzig is the perfect destination: its inhabitants are warm and open to small talk. Of course, learning anything new is challenging and time-consuming, but it is also what makes life so exciting! It has been so satisfying to experience my own development and to witness that of my colleagues. The more I learn, the more I feel part of this community.


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