Seminar Summary on City/ Urban Logistics Available

The Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics, led by Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen, investigates as part of its research activities the utility and effectiveness of city logistics concepts in urban goods distribution for the “Last Mile” from of a management perspective.  In cooperation with the University of Cergy Pontoise the chair organized the seminar Intelligent Logistics and Supply Chain Management for  master students from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (full-time M.Sc.) and the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

The seminar was sponsored by the Franco-German University  and held at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in November 2017. Different presentations and discussions took place that enabled the examination of diverse conceptual aspects in relation to urban infrastructure from multinational viewpoints. The cooperation with the University of Cergy-Pontoise allowed a broader consideration of land use and location aspects from a traffic perspective.

The focus of the seminar was on future trends and challenges of logistics and supply chain management, as the rising urban consumption has fostered the need for new ways of delivery for the “Last Mile”, to avoid congestion and pollution. The presentations contributed by students and guest speakers were compiled in a seminar summary and are now available for download. The diversity of topics ranges from operational feasibility analyzes and management approaches to application scenarios for regional areas. Therefore, the publication provides a good overview about topics dealt with in-class. A return visit is scheduled for September 2018, including the participation in the International Conference of the Comité National Français de Géographie’ at the University of Cergy Pontoise.

Hausladen, Iris; Guihéry, Laurent; Beyer, Antoine: Intelligent Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Seminar Summary. Abstracts from student seminar papers on applicability and feasibility of last mile concepts in urban environment. Leipzig: HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics, 2018