Sebastian Hoffmann Invited to Hold Accounting Workshop at ASE Bucharest


Building on the recent cooperation agreement between HHL and the leading Romanian business school, ASE University of Economic Studies Bucharest, Sebastian Hoffmann was invited to conduct a workshop on how to use interviews as a research method in accounting at ASE in mid September. More than 20 ASE faculty members and Ph.D. students joined the workshop to explore how to use interviews in qualitative accounting research. Experience shows that conducting interviews for research purposes is challenging but allows for unique insights into the context and actual practice related to accounting research questions. Participants interacted in a lively manner to identify potential research questions in the Romanian context that qualify for conducting interviews. Yet, little is known about the regulatory and economic situation in Romania although there is potential for highly relevant contributions. The workshop resulted in a project idea to study the specifics of how accounting regulation is put into practice within Romania. The idea will now be further developed and might be realized jointly by Sebastian Hoffmann and ASE faculty members.