Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs Cooperates With SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator

Funding of start-ups in the field of eHealth and telemedicine

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection for Saxony will become a new partner of Spin-Lab, the start-up accelerator of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in 2017. The ministry will finance a start-up group on the topic of eHealth and telemedicine.

The goal is the facilitation of digitalization in the health care sector as well as the development of innovative approaches for eHealth and telemedicine. New methods in telecommunication can pinpoint additional components of medical care and therefore contribute to the improvement of medical quality in Saxony.

State minister Barbara Klepsch says, “Digitalization in the health care sector offers the chance to expand and facilitate medical assistance for doctors and patients. I hope to see new ideas and approaches for patients and doctors from the creative lab in SpinLab.”

Start-ups have always been a driving force for innovation. Especially in the eHealth sector and despite regulative limits, innovative approaches for the digitalization of processes and the support of medical treatments and aftercare can lead to significant improvements for patients again and again. As a partner of the Ministry of Social Affairs for Saxony, SpinLab will identify regional, national and international start-ups. As of May 2017, a minimum of three outstanding start-ups will be supervised by the fifth year of the mentoring program offered by SpinLab for six months in Leipzig and significantly accelerate their development. The plan is to also link those start-ups with existing regional structures.

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