Roland Berger x HHL Consulting Challenge

20 people had the chance to discover what it takes to be a successful management consultant from Germany’s leading business and were invited to the Roland Berger x HHL Consulting Challenge.

Both Roland Berger and HHL ground their success in the cultivation of individual talents, team spirit, and inspirational leadership, and it is with this in mind that they have joined forces to offer select incoming students and prospective candidates of the HHL full-time M.Sc. program the chance to participate in a cooperative two-day consulting workshop. The case-based challenge is designed to enhance participants’ critical thinking and analytical skills while serving as an introduction to the world of management consulting.

“The Roland Berger x HHL Consulting Challenge offered me a unique opportunity to get to know not only a prospective university for my master’s degree but also to get in contact with professionals of one of Germany’s leading consultancies. During the two day event, I got the chance to work with a team of young and enthusiastic students on a real-world case study and thereby gaining an insight into the daily life of consulting. I am sure that I will profit from this experience in my future and I would highly recommend such an event to anyone who is looking to engage in the field of consulting.”

Marie Funke

Cooking event at the end of the first day #teamwork


“The Roland Berger x HHL Consulting Challenge provided the perfect opportunity for me to meet some of my future class mates at HHL while working on an exciting case study under the supervision of experienced Roland Berger consultants. Over the whole two days, as well as during the evening event on day one, we were able to pose any question we wanted to get to know more about working in consulting, and at Roland Berger in particular. Additionally, current HHL students talked about their experience studying at HHL. In short, the perfect event for someone who is thinking about a career in consulting and/or a Master’s in Management at HHL.”

Luca Fahrion

Congratulations to the winner team

“I really enjoyed the professional but at the same time personal environment that arose during the event. Due to being a small group of driven participants we could really have conductive conversations and interactions with Roland Berger professionals- this definitely highlighted the personal character of the event. In contrast to standard consulting-fairs this event has not felt superficial and like mass processing. RB Consultants have really taken their time for us and I truly had the feeling that questions were answered honestly and accurately- also with the unattractive parts of an honest answer.

It’s always interesting to see how the dynamic within a group develops, especially when complete strangers team up and none has prior experience with the given sector. A two-day case study provides a group the opportunity to play their strengths. Ours was clearly to put more time into structuring and discussing the problem in the beginning, which then yielded higher acceleration and a higher level of detail in the end. Another point which is to be highlighted is the great support that we had from Roland Berger Consultants and HHL Profs. It was exciting to experience how they tackle challenges and provide guidance throughout our team´s path.

All in one, it was a miniaturized day of a Consultant; from networking to night-hours – everything was included:

The first contact with the case, structuring the problem, performing, socializing during dinner, drinking, pulling oneself together afterward to the extra mile by night, giving the final presentation, and … payoff time. Have I mentioned that the food was out of this world?”

Elton Bursuk

Thank you all for the great event: Closing Beer

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