Prof. Joseph Maciariello – Honorary Doctorate

“Drucker had three basic interests that are reflected in his work, and in the Leipzig Leadership Model. All three manifest his European heritage as well as American history and management.

First, he was concerned with the balance between the processes of continuity and change. His work on entrepreneurship followed naturally. Second he was interested in “freedom, the dignity the status of the person in modern society, the role and function of organization as instrument of human achievement, human growth and human fulfillment, and the need of the individual for both, society and community.” Third, he worked to establish conditions for legitimate authority in all of society’s organizations. The Leipzig Leadership model very much reflects Drucker’s vision in all three aspects. By putting the deeper question of purpose at the models’ center stage, it perfectly frames leadership as what is according to Peter Drucker: a liberal art.

Value creation, the discipline of management and results are central issues in his writings. Leaders are responsible for creating value for customers, for producing results for the organization and society, and for working beyond their primary borders to achieve socially desirable results. Drucker always worked to achieve congruence between the interests of society and those of the individual, through the mediating institution of organization.”

Prof. Joseph Maciariello (Drucker Institute)


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