Picking up Speed: Women@HHL

Written by Fabienne Orban, Research Associate at HHL

Women@HHL is a business network dedicated to connecting and supporting female M.Sc., MBA, Ph.D. candidates and staff members. On a regular basis, it organizes events such as professional coaching sessions, start-up talks or company visits. Lately, the group had the pleasure of receiving a guided tour through Spinnerei, a former cotton mill in Leipzig.

Learning plenty about the history of the Spinnerei area, it was especially interesting to learn more about the role of the hardworking women within the factory. Later, the group had the chance to talk to several artists and, typical for women in business, we were curious about the economic development and future perspective of the internationally known artists from Leipzig. The event was complemented by a private tour through the gallery EIGEN+ART, which supports several famous German artists, such as Neo Rauch and David Schnell.

It was delightful to immerse ourselves into the world of art and culture for a while and Women@HHL is already looking forward to the next event. Feel free to follow us on e-campus or social media and to participate in our Women@HHL initiative! 

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