„I am implementing industrial solutions in Latin America”


Pedro Vazquez is busy as Regional Operating Officer South America over several countries in South America where KAEFER, an international German company focusing on complete insulation solutions has operations. The Argentinean-born says:”Growth in the next years will come mainly from developing economies and South America, even at very challenging times as we live nowadays. This offers enormous opportunities.” The MBA graduate of HHL enjoys his job: “Visiting several countries per month in the region is already a routine. Besides meeting with our teams, customers, and other business partners, I always go to the construction sites or industrial facilities we work for to stay very close to our customers and personnel,” says Pedro Vazquez.

A valuable step: studying at HHL in Germany and then working in this country

Thinking of HHL, the 38-years old Vazquez says: “The MBA allowed me to work on a very high international as well as professional level. The management course at HHL had the right balance between theory and practice, plus high exposure to an amazingly diverse class and faculty. This experience contributed a lot to the development of my professional and social competences.” He adds: “I chose HHL for its internationality and its deep roots in German business culture and environment. While Germany was normally not well placed in global MBA rankings, the fact that German economy was among the largest in the world and the appeal of many German based companies made me curious. As a foreigner, studying at HHL in Germany and then working in this country added enormous value to my business background and experience.”

The Master Program in General Management (MBA, full-time or part-time) at HHL

The full-time or part-time MBA programs offered by HHL are among the best independently developed programs of their kind in Germany. The proportion of international students in this HHL program is approximately 70 percent, an outstanding figure in the global comparison of full-time MBA programs. Since its introduction in the year 2000, the 12 to 18-month full-time MBA program has focused on teaching management and leadership skills in a global context. This is supported by an innovative curriculum which is no longer structured in a purely functional manner but also follows an interdisciplinary approach in accordance with the challenges of management (Managing Investors, Managing Society, Managing Customers etc.). The cross-functional, stakeholder-oriented approach combines the content of the individual courses and offers students significant added value. This is ensured by 28 lecturers from seven countries. They provide students with an insight into the latest scientific management approaches in a global context.

The practical relation is ensured by teaching content with practical relevance including case studies, a field project accompanying the program or an optional internship abroad. International Management is not only taught but also integral to everyday life at HHL thanks to the international background of the students and professors. The international cross-linking of the program is represented by extensive cooperation with universities abroad. From Australia to Uruguay – HHL has more than 110 partner universities worldwide. The students have the opportunity to spend one term at one of these partner universities. The intensive and professional counseling for students from the initial contact to the alumni network must be emphasized. A Career Service accompanies students from the day they are admitted to the program until the successful conclusion of a job application. Further information: www.hhl.de/mba or www.hhl.de/part-time-mba

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