Part-time MBA – Intake March 2017

Are you  interested in getting to know some of our new students in the next Part-time MBARead here why they have chosen HHL for their challenging next step up the career ladder.


But first of all, read about the experiences from one of our MBA Alumni:

gerstung_alexander“Refreshment, Development and Modernization: Those are the key words to describe my part time MBA studies at HHL. After years of industry and job-specific focus, a innovative curriculum and the immense and diverse wealth of experience from my fellow students brought my own knowledge up-to-date, while at the same time opening up new areas of thought for me. After my studies I was able to move into roles of greater responsibility and leadership. At HHL I made networks and friends for life. To keep it short an simple: Time at HHL has been MECE.”

Alexander Gerstung, Part-time MBA alumnus, ES Guss COO


HHL wishes our new part-time MBA students a great start in March 2017 with your class mates and we all wish you the same interesting experiences with our HHL family, a challenging time at HHL and a network of “friends for life”.


braun_anna“The part-time MBA program at HHL offers me an excellent opportunity to broaden my technical background, especially towards economical and managerial issues. At the same time the program allows me to further develop in my job. The interactive and competitive educational model is the ideal setting in order to make best use of my existing experience as well as potential to expand my horizon and become a real business leader. The innovative approach of the MBA, paying great attention to individual needs and interests with highly motivated lecturers, makes it a perfect fit to my ambitions. Besides complementing my skills I look forward to benefit from a fantastic group composition that brings together a broad variety of expertise, creating a unique learning environment and a strong network.”

Anna Braun, Part-time MBA student March 2017


klatt-fabian“Why did I choose a part-time MBA at HHL?

Due to its outstanding reputation and excellent career opportunities, of course! Pursuing an MBA to me means the opportunity to develop myself with regards to both managerial and leadership skills. The part-time MBA program of HHL was the perfect fit to obtain these qualifications. While other, comparable programs, often require a huge amount of presence on workdays, this program provides a tremendously pleasant schedule, which offers the opportunity to perfectly combine it with professional duties. Consequently, the HHL was my first choice. From a very personal point of view, I was also pleased by the opportunity to come back to Boston where I used to live and to breathe the academic and metropolitan spirit of this beautiful city. I’m very much looking forward to starting my MBA at the HHL in spring 2017.”

Fabian Klatt, Part-time MBA student March 2017