Part-time MBA: Extra weekend

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Written by Sebastian Luther, HHL part-time MBA student, Projectmanager at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

“Two and a half years are coming to an end. Time that was spent working, studying, taking in new ideas and thoughts, but also getting to know new people, understanding others and enjoying the time together on the busy weekends here at HHL. The last weekend marks for most of us, as already some have started and are subsequently busy with their Master Thesis, the last “official” class weekend in our programme. A weekend in which, unlike on the other weekends, some extracurricular activities were carried out in daytime and not in the classroom.

HHL (thanks Petra) and some of us sketched and planned ahead a weekend which was filled with theoretical aspects, which have not been covered so far (Leadership – a Public Value Approach; Sales & Pricing Strategy) and personal aspects (Mindfulness – making every moment count; P10 Boat trip) which are sometimes coming short in our HHL (and business) routine. Also we were able to look into the interesting and very productive world of the Porsche plant in Leipzig (thanks Sven), which was quite a change to our normal classroom routine.

This mix of theory and fun allowed all of us to spend our last weekend at HHL together and enjoy the moments in the group, as well as plan ahead for the time after the HHL. When will we meet again, what will we do with the newly learned things, with whom are we going to stay in touch with?

Questions that only become important in our mind, when the end of the study programme is near and one has to ask himself what one has learned over the years.

We (P10) are already planning the next trip for the group, we hope to meet annually and try to stay in touch with some people which have become friends and with whom we spent so many weekends together.

Thanks HHL for a great weekend and for time to contemplate!”

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