Our Path at HHL

Written by Leif Lewinski, Part-time M.Sc. alumni

“Only two and a half years ago we started our path at HHL but it feels like we know each other for much longer. For 40 intense weekends and even more skype sessions, we have spent our time together working on our assignments, talking about business ideas and politics or simply enjoying the free evening – all together.

“Together” cannot be repeated often enough since the time at HHL really welded us together. HHL did not only have large educational impact on us, but also created long lasting friendships.

To bring the time spent at HHL to an appropriate end and to also celebrate the submission of our master thesis, we organized a final outing in the Eventfinca Mallorca. Full of activities such as cliff diving or relaxing on tiny little non touristic beaches, we had an awesome time which was complemented by – as we were used to it – an educational event. In the course of an original Weber barbecue lesson, we were introduced into the world of barbecuing and how to cook almost everything with it – an awesome experience as you can tell by the pictures.

We (PMSc4) are already planning the next trip for the group and are confident to meet at least once a year as a group.

Thanks HHL for providing the environment and atmosphere to create such an awesome group.”

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Lis Schulz
Online Marketing Manager at HHL