NYU Stern guests at HHL

Doing Business in Germany: A short program for NYU Stern

From May 22nd until May 27th, HHL organized for first time a one-week short program for 38 full-time & part-time students from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business in Berlin and Leipzig. The one-week intensive program included lectures, corporate visits, guest speakers, and cultural activities.

Reshma Joshi, Manager International Relations, planned the program and accompanied the group during the whole week. Kyle Cunningham, Senior Director, Student Engagement from NYU, also joined the program for the whole week.

After the program, the students were able to explore how business is conducted in Germany and develop a deeper understanding of the issues, opportunities, and challenges faced by businesses operating in Germany. Moreover, the lectures gave insights into the German start-up scene, into the German Economic System and its Role in the EU, and current political issues and trends in Germany.

Company visits included Porsche Leipzig and Mr. Spex in Berlin. Cultural highlights were a dinner at the world-famous SOHO House Berlin and the TV Tower, a city tour and a brewery course.


See here some impressions and feedback from our guests from NYU Stern School of Business, who visited Porsche and HHL last week:

Thank you for the great time with you!



Benjamin Meigs: “Thank you again for all of the work you’ve done to prepare this excellent program. I had an amazing time and I’m so excited that Stern and HHL have started on this great partnership.”


Rugare Zvoma: “I had never been to Germany before and thought it would be a very interesting experience, particularly since Germany plays a major role in the EU as its largest economy. I also wanted to take advantage of the access that the HHL partnership provided in the form of corporate treks and guest speakers.”


Laura Capucilli (left): “I most enjoyed the company visits and appreciated the insiders’ view into Porsche and Mister Spex. These were conversations that we might not have experience without the support of HHL and were critical in developing an understanding of the business environment in Germany.”


Kevin Carey (right): “I would definitely recommend the program and hope that the partnership between NYU and HHL continues. The program was the perfect mix of political speakers, diverse company visits, engaging lectures, cultural activities, and free time.”


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