New Year in my Country


ny“In the United States, the New Year is typically met with a glass of champagne, fireworks and close friends. And if you are lucky, a kiss from your significant other.”

Daniel Ritchie from the United States (HHL staff)

Daniel Ritchie: “A happy new year!”


“New year’s eve in Netherlands is spent with friends watching cabaret, eating oliebollen (for those who are still hungry after christmas and crave these traditional deep-fried sweet pastries), champagne, and fireworks.”

Stefan from the Netherlands (HHL student)

Stefan: “We wensen je een gelukkig nieuwjaar!”


cn_ny“In China, New Year’s eve has become a major celebration in recent years due to the influence of commercialization and Western culture. Big TV stations would produce and broadcast their New Year’s Eve Concerts featuring huge stars. Families get together in the evening, having a big meal and watching TV together at dinner table. Young people would continue the celebration till dawn with parties. My hometown Nanchong is a small town in Sichuan province, here friends and relatives usually to go to the riverside and play fireworks in the evening, to count down for the new year. A kind of balloon called “Kongming lamp” is very popular. We light up the balloon, make a wish and let it fly to the sky. We believe this would bring our wishes to heaven and bless us  with a prosperous new year.”

Yinglun from China (HHL student)


“In Russia, the New Year is celebrated wider than Christmas. This is the main celebration of the year for the most people. Many people celebrate first with their families and then after midnight go to the squares where public celebration takes place. Traditionally people watch on television how Kuranty (the main clock of Russia that is on the main tower in Kremlin) shows midnight and ring 12 times. During these 12 rings people must make a wish and drink a glass of Champaign or sparkling wine.”

Oleg from Russia (HHL student)

Oleg: “С Новым Годом!”

“In Germany you typically spend New Year’s Eve with friends, having an extensive dinner together and toasting with sparkling wine at midnight while watching colorful fireworks.”

Anika from Germany (HHL student)

Anika: “Ein frohes neues Jahr!”


“The New Year’s Eve is a very important holiday in Romania; we usually join big parties with friends or family, and at midnight we have big fireworks. In the “night between the years”, as we call it in Romania, people try to stay up the whole night and party as long as they can, making sure that they start the new year joyful and surrounded by people they love. Traditionally, many people wear red underwear and kiss under the mistletoe.”

Raluca Modoiu from Romania (HHL staff)


fi_ny“In Finland, the New Year’s Eve is often the coldest day of the year. Although temperature may drop below -30 °C, streets, parks and squares are always packed with people welcoming the new year with fireworks and champagne.”

Thomas from Finland (HHL student)

Thomas: “Me toivotamme teille onnellista uutta vuotta!”


“In Poland we greet the New Year with wishing our families and close friends good health and prosperity in the coming year.”

Prof. Dr. Lukasz Swiatczak from Poland (HHL professor)

Lukasz Swiatczak: “Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!”


ny_1“On the other hand, the New Year celebrations in Bulgaria are usually away from home, near the sea or up in the mountain, also in all types of party places. The most common tradition is the bottle of Champagne which has to be opened exactly at midnight 12:00 am, when everyone is enthusiastic and full of optimism about the upcoming year.”

Deyan from Bulgaria (HHL student)

Deyan: “Пожелаваме Ви щастлива Нова Година!”




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