New Leipzig Talents – Call for application

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management’s coaching program “New Leipzig Talents” will be starting in May 2017 after a successful launch in 2016. 100% of the coachees from last year would highly recommend the program!

Over a period of half a year, a limited number of students will have the opportunity to be coached by well-respected personalities from various fields such as business, science, and society, for instance Timm Richter, CPO XING AG, and Dr. Arend Oetker, one of Germany’s most successful entrepreneurs. In terms of individual coaching sessions and specific workshops dealing with topics like mindfulness, the participants will reflect upon questions such as “What am I capable of?”, “How do I shape relationships?” and “How sensitive am I to my social environment?”.



Are you a freshman enrolled in a full-time or part-time M.Sc. or MBA? Then apply now until April 18, 2017:
We are looking forward to your application!


The new program will start in May 2017 and you will be given the chance to take part in inspiring events while being coached by outstanding personalities.

What can you expect from this program:

  • Self-assessment with the tool “my competence profile” to get an insight of your personal competency profile
  • 3 events where you will get the chance to reflect and discuss your development of the four competencies and join a relaxed get together where you can also meet the coaches and the other talents
  • 3 individual coaching sessions with your personal coach where you expand your competencies
  • Topic-specific workshops to develop your competencies (e.g. Workshop mindfulness)

100% of the students
from last year would highly recommend the program!

“It is of great value to me to be able to learn from someone who has already achieve much of what I strive for.”

 “It was great to benefit from the wide experience from my coach and discuss with him my topics”

“Very individual, I feel special as a talent and the coaches and the chair and its employees take care of us.”