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Starting in fall 2017, Germany’s first business school will offer the weekend classes of its part-time Master’s program in Management (M.Sc.) in Munich as well.

teaser_munichStarting in fall 2017, HHL will offer the weekend courses of its part-time programs held on the Leipzig campus at the new study location in Munich as well. Cologne has already been successfully established as a study location for the weekend classes of the part-time MBA and M.Sc. programs since 2014. Now, the two-year part-time Master in Management (M.Sc.) program will be launched in the Bavarian capital on the campus of the Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (University of the Bavarian Economy, HDBW).

The weekend modules will be taught in Munich on seven to eight weekends per year. The students will be enrolled at HHL in Leipzig, where they will complete two residential weeks per year, among other things, as well as writing their Master’s thesis. The part-time program in Munich will also be closely connected to the HHL Community and the school’s administration in Leipzig. A great benefit will be the increased flexibility for the students who can choose between three places to complete their weekend modules, depending on which one fits their professional requirements best – the Leipzig campus or the study locations in Cologne and Munich, starting in fall 2017. The classes will be taught by HHL professors and lecturers as well as experts from practice. The new study location is supported by the great HHL Alumni Chapter Munich, which also provides for a close connection to the Bavarian economy.

munich_2nd_additional_locationAccording to Dean Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, HHL will launch its part-time offer in Munich as the school wants to allow students who work in southern Germany to complete the ambitious program locally on top of their extensive job and family-related commitments. Prof. Dr. Pinkwart comments, “Particularly in the field of part-time academic programs, we see a high demand. This applies not only to the part-time MBA for engineers, lawyers, doctors and others who want to build on their initial degrees and their specialized professional activities with additional business administration skills. Also those who started a career as practitioners following their Bachelor’s degree in the field of economics wish more and more to pursue a university-level Master’s degree.”

Part-time M.Sc. student Max Joos, a consultant at the Controlling, Analysis and Strategy Division of insurance company Allianz Deutschland says, “I am happy to welcome HHL to Munich! I would have loved to study in Munich two years ago – but for HHL’s excellent part-time program I also gladly traveled to Cologne. Southern Germany, as a region for continuing education, will certainly experience another boost, thanks to HHL. Germany’s first business school particularly stands out for its exemplary education paired with high practical relevance as well as one of HHL’s largest alumni networks with great events at Google, Osram or Accenture, amongst others.”


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