Networking, Entrepreneurial Spirit & BBQ

Start-up Career Fair @HHL September 19,  2017

The Start-up Career Fair is the perfect opportunity for upcoming HHL graduates to experience a unique entrepreneurial spirit and to get in contact with HHL alumni, who successfully founded a company. This fall’s Start-up Career Fair on September 19th was accompanied by CoffeeCircle, Heartbeat Labs, MisterSpex, Meine Spielzeugkiste, Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme GmbH and SpinLab. In addition, presentations were held, inter alia, by Prof. Stubner.

The Start-up Career Fair is a win-win situation for students and start-ups; students learn about the individual success stories, challenges and various opportunities a career in a start-up can have and start-ups, in turn, get access to a great talent pool. 100 students networked with the start-ups during the follow-on BBQ.



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