My Experience at HHL

Written by Aneesh Bhardwaj

My experience at HHL has been very good. I took very detailed look at the University before applying to HHL because it suited my personality as well as offerings. Consequently, I was able to achieve my learning targets as well as other development goals. My motivation was personally a self discovery where I can develop my leadership skill and polish it to perfection.

To be honest there was no need to leave the comfort of what I was doing and try something new. At the same time, I realized that I would not be true to myself and not explore myself to the limits if I don’t discover what I am capable of. Personally my lens changed from looking to be the best employee to how can I be the best employer. I wanted to know more and discover myself more as a human as well as a leader. The best way to do this was one of stepping out of comfort zone and learning business from the best. I selected Germany because this is world class business is happening and I selected HHL because the program was structured in a way that it will help me lead others with the coursework. To join HHL and specifically a business degree should be motivated by what you see yourself as in the future. Believe me when I say – you can live with some euros more or less but never with yourself if you do something that isn’t right for you.

HHL differentiates in the sense that it makes you a leader. Rather than being trained to be the best employee, we are trained each day to be the best employer. Motivation is not to be the employee of the month but rather to be the one who decides who shall be the employee of the month. Difference is subtle but astoundingly deep. HHL explores the leadership sides of you and it is complete because you are not coached to spill out jargons like ‘Achieve’, ‘Impress’, or ‘Leverage’ but rather how to make informed decisions in Finance, Strategy, Marketing etc.

When we think about the language, lets think of it this way: Would you rather be with 80 million people without knowing what’s going on or do you want to be part of them. Learning the language for me is an experience enhancement toolbox rather than checklist on CV. I have had best time of my life talking to people in German and making mistakes and looking at their reaction which is priceless, just as the German course which HHL is offering for free at the beginning of your studies.”