Mobile Worldwide: “I Work in Canada and Germany for Bombardier”

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Daniel Zinner is a graduate (2012) of the Part-time Master in General Management Program (MBA) of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He has worked as Global Mobility Governance Manager for Bombardier in Montreal and Berlin since March 2014. Zinner explains, “The topic of global mobility is all about planning, conducting and evaluating employees’ assignments abroad, including legal and economic issues. This area is usually dealt with by HR but it also has a strong connection to the financial and controlling department.” Finance and tax are also topics Daniel Zinner is interested in. He completed an apprenticeship, training as banker in Leipzig, and then an academic program in the field of international tax law.

“Before joining Bombardier, I worked in various branches of global mobility, among others, for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deutsche Bank. I am currently responsible for ensuring compliance with the internal Bombardier deployment regulations and maintaining business relations with external service providers in global mobility.”

Looking back at his MBA program, the 35-year-old says, “My time at HHL has helped me grow as a person. Today, I think in a more holistic manner than in the past. I have learned to look at problems and tasks from various points of view, whereas I was far more focused on quickly completing the tasks in rather small fields before studying at HHL. I have also managed to greatly improve my ability to think laterally thanks to my studies. This not only includes team work but also considering myself part of a whole and constantly establishing new connections with other colleagues, service providers, customers and people in general. I developed this approach while completing the part-time program at HHL.”

Commenting on his work at one of the world’s leading manufacturers of business jets, regional passenger aircrafts and railway transport technology, Daniel Zinner says, “Global mobility is a field with multi-functional disciplines which cannot be sufficiently dealt with by a company’s internal expertise. This mainly includes the preparation of tax declarations for employees who live in their home countries but work in the host country. It also encompasses things like visa applications, international payroll accounting and relocation issues. In addition to communicating and working with stakeholders at Bombardier, I am therefore also responsible for coordinating and monitoring external service providers.”

Daniel Zinner enjoys his work in Montreal and Berlin tremendously. The HHL graduate attaches great importance to the positive identification with his employer’s products. “I have a lot of freedom at Bombardier to develop and implement ideas.” Daniel Zinner is thrilled to be working with all departments in the company as global mobility is a discipline which does not focus on itself but requires collaboration with other positions and divisions.

“The topic of global mobility is still a relatively young, which allows me not only to deliver positive work results for my employer but also to continue to define this field together with other companies,” concludes Daniel Zinner.

Daniel Zinner hopes that projects with HHL will materialize in the future thanks to the ever growing alumni network – also abroad. Having successfully completed his MBA, he is now thinking about obtaining a doctoral degree from HHL as well. The scientific analysis and future requirements for global mobility in general and Bombardier in particular could be connected through the doctoral program.

The Part-Time Master in Management Program (MBA) at HHL

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