“I Am the Fourth Generation to Lead Our Successful Family Business”









Steffen Fischer is a graduate (2013) of the Part-time Master in General Management Program (MBA) of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He took over the family business, in existence since 1923, together with his brother in 2012 while still studying, representing the fourth generation. Looking back at his MBA program, the 36-year old says, “What I learned gave me the confidence to address the required changes in my company in a structured manner. This is how a number of instinctive decisions became scientifically founded strategic planning with a practical dimension. This will certainly mold our print and media portfolio for years to come and myself personally for the rest of my life.”

The qualified printing engineer particularly benefited from the internationality of the part-time MBA Program. “In addition to professional expertise, the international exchange with my classmates was an important component of the MBA program. The various intellectual approaches and experiences from the different countries provided me with unique insight into other fields and industries. Our skills were consolidated during a one-week stay in Boston, the inspiring effect of which continues to unfold in our product planning up to today,” says Steffen Fischer.

The CEO of FISCHER druck&medien comments on his work; “We have been designing and printing high-quality advertising and shop equipment since 1923. Today, innovative media offers such as e-papers, websites and online marketing complete our product portfolio. Many customers enjoy our on-site service, individual solutions with state-of-the-art methods and the experience of four generations.” Fischer stresses that his work also involves a lot of management skills, stating, “The strategic reorientation and the marketing-related implementation were our greatest challenges: What products do we offer and how do we put them into practice?”

Steffen Fischer has benefited from his international management training way beyond the MBA program. “HHL’s extensive network facilitates regular exchange with like-minded, committed people. In addition to the valuable insight into the current challenges in the various industries, I treasure the friendships with members from the HHL Community. Although I can already reap the first rewards of networking in the form of business contacts and specific contracts, I am convinced that the actual benefit is yet to reveal itself at some future point,” says Fischer.

The Part-time Master in Management Program (MBA)

The two-year part-time MBA program with a focus on General Management is designed for people working in middle management who would like to expand their existing knowledge by practice-oriented and up-to-date management knowledge. The program has achieved top rankings in the Financial Times rating for career progress of its alumni (2nd place worldwide), salary increase after graduation (almost 70 percent) as well as the international course experience (7th place worldwide). The classes, held in English, teach the basics of economics in combination with concrete management tools. Internationally renowned professors teach extended management skills and leadership competencies. The offer of courses focusing on ‘Leadership’ (Emotional Intelligence) was expanded. Moreover, the program provides the participants with excellent networking opportunities with HHL’s extensive alumni network. Good to know: The tuition fees as well as all other program-related costs are fully tax-deductible as professional expenses. Moreover, HHL offers a variety of funding options. New: Starting in March 2015, HHL will offer its academic part-time Master Program in Management (MBA) not only in Leipzig but also in Cologne.
Further information: www.hhl.de/part-time-mba

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