MBA as a way to Start a Career in Finance

Would you like to get to know some of our current full-time MBA students and find out more about the diversity of HHL’s MBA class? Our 60 students come from 28 different countries and have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, hobbies, interests, and career goals. They look forward to sharing their personal stories and motivations towards pursuing an MBA at HHL with you. So get ready to discover our HHL family!

Today, Ayan talks about his 3,000 km journey from Turkey to HHL.

Written by Nataliya Demyanenko – An interview with Ayan Tugsel (Turkey), full-time MBA student



I have a Mechanical Engineering degree but I have not practiced it in years. I was working as a B2B Sales Specialist in the Automotive Industry before I started my MBA journey.

Motivation for an MBA

Later in my Undergraduate years, I obtained some interest about investing and business. This interest grew with time. After realizing that I am more passionate about Business, Investing and Money rather than Engineering, I mapped out a plan to equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge. MBA is a major part of this plan.

Why MBA at HHL?

Most MBA programs in Europe are about 10 months. As someone with a Technical Background that wants to switch his job-function, I figured 10 months might not be enough to digest everything and be productive as soon as I graduate. The Advanced Track that HHL offers is the perfect program structure for me. The internship experience combined with a big pool of electives will allow me to be a finished product by the time I graduate.

Job application

I have already started the internship application process. The Internship period means a lot to me, therefore, I wanted to start as early as possible. I have had some interviews with a few companies and things look very promising. HHL is very prestigious in the eyes of recruiters. All the career events that bring a wide range of companies are very helpful as well.

Integrating sports activities and the studies

This is my favorite topic. For now, I just do weights 3 or 4 days a week. I always have time for sports because I see it as an investment in myself. Plus, my beer and potato intake has risen significantly since I arrived so I can not afford to stop.

I am a huge basketball fan; however, I have not been able to find any indoor courts that fit my schedule. The University of Leipzig has a court, but its times do not work for me. Same thing with football, what makes football even harder to play is that you can not play football by yourself unless you have imaginary friends. Everybody’s schedule must align.

There is a park outside my dorm with a basketball court so when the weather is tolerable I might try that out.

Favorite experience at HHL

I went to watch a Champions League game here in Leipzig with some friends. It was a bucket-list moment for me. I have always wanted to hear that Champions League music live, and it gave me goosebumps.

Other than that, I guess I am a nerd but I especially like Finance and Strategy related courses. I try to act like a sponge and suck all the knowledge that is available. Having a close friend coming from a Consulting background also makes it even more enjoyable.

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