MBA as a Catalyst to Hone Big-picture Thinking

Would you like to get to know some of our current full-time MBA students and find out more about the diversity of HHL’s MBA class? Our 60 students come from 28 different countries and have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, hobbies, interests and career goals. They look forward to sharing their personal stories and motivations towards pursuing an MBA at HHL with you. So get ready to discover our HHL family!

Today, Ancilla describes her 7.000 km journey from Canada to HHL.

Written by Nataliya Demyanenko – An interview with Ancilla Chui (Canada), full-time MBA student


Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, I decided to take the unconventional route and work for the Canadian federal government focusing on Tax Administration. It wasn’t long before I discovered my passion for people and HR, which I plan on continuing after my MBA degree.

Motivation for an MBA

I wanted to have an international career outside of Canada and Germany is the perfect place. In addition, I see the MBA experience as a catalyst that will allow me to hone my skills in big-picture thinking and connecting the dots—skills that leadership roles demand.

Why MBA at HHL?

What attracts me to HHL’s MBA program is its purposeful and entrepreneurial oriented approach to learning.  HHL really tries to cultivate a fertile environment for expansive and innovative thinking.

Participation in the New Leipzig Talent program

The New Leipzig Talent program is a unique leadership initiative focused on developing competencies crucial for effective leadership.  I think it will help me to think ‘outside the box’ and shape my future through creative solutions.

Organizing leisure activities at HHL

This past October, a classmate and I decided to organize a Thanksgiving dinner because we wanted to share this experience with our MBA classmates. Needless to say, we had many happy tummies that night!

Favorite experience at HHL

I really enjoy the Christmas markets here in Leipzig because it’s such a unique experience. My friends and I tried Gluwein for the first time and discovered how potent it was.


Loving the Concept of ‘Boutique Business University’


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