“I create innovative investment services”


Markus Brütsch is a graduate (2005) of the Diploma Program of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He is co-founder and CEO of the crowdfunding platform  FUNDSTERS AG. With regard to his career development, the 34-years old says: “After completing my studies at HHL I joined the restructuring unit of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. After working for five year on diverse projects around the globe, I joined the Board of Directors at GEBAB Corporate Group, an investment firm managing 4bn EUR in assets for around 18.000 clients. Drawing on the firms’ regulatory and investment know-how, in 2012 we founded FUNDSTERS AG as a GEBAB side firm, delivering crowdfunding and venture capital services to startups and projects online.”

“We try to paradigmatically change the German investment scheme.”

Both within GEBAB as well as in FUNDSTERS Markus Brütsch’s job focuses on creating and delivering innovative investment approaches that reflect current and upcoming financial regulatory implications with substantial impact on the European investment framework. Together with his team the HHL graduate tries to paradigmatically change the German investment scheme of closed-ended funds by delivering financial services online without the costs of sales forces or fund managers. Markus Brütsch says: “Our clients comfortably meet their own investment decisions by studying venture capital opportunities online, exchanging views and discussions and investing together. We are putting Venture Capital on a broader base, by making it accessible for everyone without minimum investment amounts.”

Markus Brütsch enjoys his job: “The diversity and range of different ventures, technologies and ideas that I am faced with every day truly enriches my life. It somewhat feels like back in business school, when being presented with new cases to be understood and evaluated every day. Working in an entrepreneurial setting is enriching too, as it requires us to grow, teach and learn at the same time.”

“Mastering your HHL studies means you will hit the ground running.”

With respect to his time at HHL the crowdfunding expert says: “There are many things I took away from HHL and still face every day. One of the most important things for sure is friends for live with very connected schools of thinking. We always stood together when we got married, got kids, when someone died. We give each other valuable advice as we understand our problems and share objectives that were established back in that time. We were educated by outstanding professors that provided truth and guidance besides all scientific rigor in a personal manner. All in all, what I learned there was a great preparation for what was expecting me, regarding both, methodology and knowledge, but maybe more importantly concerning attitude. Mastering your HHL studies means you will hit the ground running.”

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

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