HHL is Partner in EU Project Health-i-Care

In Germany, infection prevention is not completely funded by the sickness funds– in contrast to the Netherlands were especially microbiologic diagnostic is reimbursed. As a consequence, there is a higher infection rate pertaining “strongly resistant microorganisms” e.g. MRSA and gram-negative pathogens in Germany in comparison to the Netherlands.

The aim is to develop a business model to finance preoperative infection prevention measures, taking into account the experiences of a “search and destroy” policy (in the Netherlands).

An interdisciplinary work team consisting of members of the Groningen University Hospital and the Ludwig Fresenius Center for Health Care Management and Regulation at HHL develops alternative business models and evaluates them with regard to medical quality, cost and infection status of the population.
In a second stage, the feasibility of a selected business model is tested.

Start of the project: 2016
End of the project: 2020