Loyalty & Long-term Employment

Todd Andrews (M15) and Fernando Orozco (M17) talked about their experiences on the German job market during an MBA Alumni Talk. Todd is originally from Australia and works as Senior Risk Operations Officer at EEC. Fernando was born in Mexico and recently accepted a position as International Business Developer at Comatch in Berlin. From an international point of view, Germans are often perceived as precise and detail-oriented. Todd and Fernando’s impression: German employers wish for loyalty towards the company and prefer long-term employment as they desire certainty. “A good command of German is, of course, an advantage when looking for a job.” One specific recommendation from the two is confirmed by our Career Service: To establish contacts with preferred companies, an internship or student job while still studying is very beneficial. HHL’s alumni network can be helpful in this context as well. Everyone understands the challenges of a job search and shares their experience in supporting the HHL newcomers.

Fernando’s advice, “Seek out the HHL alumni!”

Next Alumni talk „Entrepreneurial Insights“ on March 7, 2018: We welcome Christian Hetke (MSc4), the founder and CEO of Futalis, and Justus Nagel (MSc11), Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of Sensape!

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