Leipzig Marathon took place right on our HHL campus

Written by Lukas Zechel

On April 9th one of the most traditional sports event, the Leipzig Marathon took place right on our HHL Campus. Among the 9,000 runners were 12 sports enthusiast from HHL and tried to reach their personal limits on one of the first summer days in 2017. About half of the HHL runners participated in the 10km run and half marathon. The remaining tried to finish the Marathon either on their own or as a team. In the end, everyone crossed the finish line and the marathon relay even ranked 5th.

“To participate at the oldest marathon in Leipzig with such great weather was energizing and awesome. It was so much fun to have this great team for the relay and we pushed ourself to the limit. At the end of the day you once again know: Team up for success!” said Dominik Schwital from MSc16 who was part of the successful relay team.