Leipzig Impressions

Leipzig, THE place to be

Leipzig is also home to 40,000 students and offers a high-quality lifestyle with very moderate living costs compared to other university cities. With its many parks, open air sports facilities, surrounding lakes with beautiful beaches, as well as many jogging and biking paths, Leipzig is probably one of the “greenest” European metropoles. Also our campus is surrounded by the green banks of the river Weiße Elster, where you can relax after a long day of group work. In your free time, you can also choose to have a drink with your classmates in one of the many cafés, bars and restaurants close to the campus or in the city center, or you can enjoy a cultural event.

All in all: The HHL-Leipzig mix sets the perfect balance for studying, networking and enjoying life.

Here we present some great impressions by local photographer Mourad El Amraoui, who provides us with a beautiful set of images of Leipzig – We love these pictures! Thanks a lot to Mourad! Get your own impression about how multidimensional, creative, colorful and friendly Leipzig can be.

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