Leaving your comfort zone

Written by Silvio Belmar Oviedo (Chile), Double Degree MBA student & Student Assistant at Center for Advanced Studies in Management

Eight months ago I took the decision of leaving everything and start a new challenge abroad. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave my friends, family, work and material belongings to move to a country with a language that I didn’t understand. It might sound completely nuts for some people, but as you might hear before “outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens” and that can’t be more certain.

Being a double degree student, I arrived in January to Leipzig and after doing all the paper work I had my first classes; from the beginning, I could notice that the objective of HHL was something completely new for me. It wasn’t the typical one, where the main focus is to create good managers, it was something far beyond. The goal is to form new entrepreneurs and leaders with the necessary tools to front global challenges. This objective is achieved by having classes with professors from completely different cultures and understandings of the world. On the other hand, it’s also possible to dig deeper into a subject, the professors are always available and, if you really like an area, you might be able to find a part time positions to support a department with the different researchers and problem-solving, like I did.

It’s also important to mention that even if you are new in Leipzig, you will never feel alone at HHL. The staff is always there to help you with any problem, even if it’s a personal matter. Also, they constantly organize social events where you can meet new friends with similar interests and also entrepreneurial events where you can meet investors and business partners that might help if you have a good idea for a start-up. If you are more interested in working for an international company, don’t worry, we also have many events with big names, such as Bain or Porsche.

Leaving everything to move to a new country can be crazy, but HHL makes it’s easy. If you want to gain more international experience, met people from different cultures and have a great time while also developing your leadership and management skills and know-how, HHL is the perfect place to do so. And you don’t need to be scared of the German language, English is the main language here and there are also German classes if you are interested in learning the language too.”


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